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When the lights go down...

Starring Roles

Star Trek: Enterprise (2001) - Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III

Guest Starring Roles

Gideon's Crossing - Steve Tedesco - The Way (2000)
Freakylinks - Ted - Subject: Three Thirteen (2000)
Sliders - Samson - Prophets and Loss (1998)
Touched by an Angel - Paul Ratcliff - Seek and Ye Shall Find (1998)
ER - EMT - Sharp Relief (1998)
Pensacola: Wings of Gold - Lt. Kevin Willis, defense attorney - Trials and Tribulations (1998)

Movie/Mini-Series/Special Roles

61* (2001) - Writer #2
Edward II (Play) (2001) - Edward
Far East (2000) - Bob Munger
M3K (Unaired TV Pilot) (2000) -
The Tempest (Play) (2000) - Unknown
Far East (Play) (1999) - Bob Munger
The Louis Slotin Sonata (Play) (1999) - Phil Morrison/The Lord
The Rover (Play) (1998) - Bellville
Buried Child (Play) (1996) - Vince Understudy
Arcadia (Play) - Septimus Hodge
Duncan's Shadow - Unknown
Julius Caesar (Play) - Unknown
Raindogs - Unknown
The Taming of the Shrew (Play) - Unknown
The Utah Shakespeare Festival (Plays) - Various Roles



Favorite Enterprise Episode


My Fave Enterprise Episode He Starred In Has To 'Similitude'.
its not so much based on the actor connor, but on the character 'charles 'trip' tucker'.
an engineering accident leaves 'trip' in a coma, the only way to save him is to clone him, his clone, 'sim', starts off as a baby and grows rapidly but only lives a lifespan of 15 days. Sim developes feelings for sub-commander t'pol but is not sure if they are his feelings or trips. sim has to give up his body for trip but has grown attached to life and does not want to die so he steals a shuttlepod and attempts to escape but decides not to, phlox performs the operation and trip lives. archer performs a funeral service for sim so the whole crew can say goodbye